Mission Statement

Our aim is the encouragement of daily arts engagement for the entire San Diego community.

We believe that artists need a community as much as San Diego needs artists.  

Open Arts Collective will:

  • organize public-run, multimedia arts events
  • utilize non-traditional spaces for the showcasing of San Diego's creative talent
  • inspire all corners of our city's communities with the purpose of daily arts engagement
  • make each event's arts space a place where every participant's creativity may be expressed at it's fullest potential

About Us

Open Arts Collective started out of doing an ArtClash! Fun-A-Day event in 2011, which was started on a mere whim and turned out to be an incredible success. ArtClash! is a collective founded in Philadelphia that started the Fun-A-Day show that is now done in cities around the world. In 2012 we realized the opportunity to start our own collective under a new name, with a mission unique to our city. We are excited to announce "Open Arts Collective".

Pictures of "Do Art Daily" 2012 here: Facebook.com/openartscollective

Voice of San Diego, Web coverage of participating artists' works